giovedì 14 luglio 2011


Quello qui sotto è il saluto che ho rivolto questa sera in Sala Consigliare alle 8 Nazionali e ai rappresentanti Nazionali e Internazionali della Federazione Hockey presenti a Cernusco per gli Europei Under 18. Con emozione e con orgoglio.

President Di Mauro, Director Baird, Manager Lockhart, team managers, athletes and coaches, our Major Eugenio Comincini has already given to you the official welcome in the name of the city.

I've the pleasure now to represent in front of you all the sport movement of Cernusco: 45 sport associations involve roughly 7.000 people in 35 different sports. We strongly believe in a real sport, with winners and loosers, but fair and without any barriers. Sport is an important part of our life and we are really happy to share this sport and friendship week with European people with the same vision.

In this impressive sport panorama of the city, hockey is one of our excellence in terms of sport results, organisation, quality of the offer, involvement. You can see in these days the passion of the people of Hockey Cernusco: they are from several years ambassadors of our city in the Italian and European Competitions and we are proud of them. Let me say a special thank to the soul of Hockey Cernusco, Roberto Villa, and to the President Anna Maria Miele.

Also due to that, one year ago with the Italian Hockey Federation and with Hockey Cernusco, we started to think about a project to build here in Cernusco one of the official center of Italian Federation. I'm very happy to announce that next week we will do an additional step in this direction with the green light of the City Council for a project with a vision for the next 20 years. We have the ambitious to welcome you again in the future, maybe for a World Cup Event, in a re-new sport center and with the same passion for sport.

I hope you'll remember in the future these days in Cernusco like one of the great experience of your life. For sure, thanks to all of you, this is a great experience for our community.

Thank you!

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